Yesterday, my wife and I sat on the beach.  I looked out at the waves coming in succession and at the body surfers who did their best to fight against Mother Nature and her endless force.


These days, I feel like we always hear how inequality is getting worse every day.  It seems that by income and wages, that statement is factual.  We are told how polarized we are as a society. It would seem after 10 minutes on Twitter, that statement is factual.  It is quite easy to remind ourselves of all the things that are not "fair" or the actions that are not "right."


Perhaps, there are opportunities to look at the flip side of that narrative.


What about the areas of the universe where things are completely equal?  On the beach, the seemingly infinite waves hitting the Santa Monica shoreline do not judge the people in the ocean. They don't judge the families up on the beach.  They don't care about income. The breaks of the waves do not care about ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, physical attractiveness or weight. These Pacific Ocean white caps just keep on rolling to shore completely oblivious to who catches one to surf or who gets caught in the undertow.


Maybe that is the real reason to protect our parks and oceans.  They are part of the very few areas left in our society where people have equal access to everything.  A path through the forest doesn't judge its travelers.  A mountain doesn't judge its climbers.  


Imagine if that were possible in some small way in humans.  Imagine if, like a wave washing over the sand, a person could walk down the street without judgment . Think about passing every person, place or thing in your day, but devoid of bias.  Think about doing it for one split second.


I don't know if it is possible, but that state of existence without judgment is how I define consciousness.  



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