Many of the world's religions discuss some form of "Judgment Day."  On this day, each person will be judged by the way they lived their life.  Each religion seems to have some form of an ethos or tenets that its members are to follow in preparation for this moment.  My understanding is that if I adhere to the stated beliefs of my religion then I will be judged to have lived a righteous life. Perhaps, that is exactly how life, death and the after-life work.  


I wonder though if there is a flip side to that coin.  Could there be an "UN-Judgment Day?"  The philosophy of Ubiquitous Relativity suggests a pause on judgment in order to form deeper connections with others.  I feel the most conscious, or the most "present" (as it the parlance of our times), when I am in that moment when I question one of my judgments.  The world seems to stop for that brief moment when I ask myself: "What do I not know about this person, place or thing?"  


What if the "path"in life leads not to a day where we are judged to have passed or failed, but to a day where we can take in every sense around us totally free of any judgment?  


Could that be the purity ring?


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