Yesterday, my wife and I were driving up Route 395 towards Lake Tahoe.  It is a two lane highway with very few cars on the road, so people tend to "let it rip" so to speak.  I drive like an old man as my wife points out relentlessly, so we were in the slow lane.


There was a Ford Explorer ahead of us in the fast lane going about 70 MPH.  Suddenly, one of those Volvo wagons is hauling up the road and comes up right behind the Explorer.  It is no more than 10 feet behind him and starts flashing his high beams to get the Explorer to move over so he can pass.  We were in the right lane so he couldn't pass our way.


The Explorer slams on his breaks.  This startled the Volvo (and me).  The Explorer then moves into the slow lane.  As the Volvo passes - the two men jawbone each other through their windows.  Suddenly, the Explorer swerves towards the Volvo and nearly hits him and almost runs him off the road (this is about 20 yards in front of us.)  The Volvo sped off.


The philosophy of Ubiquitous Relativity simply tries to get us to pause on judgment for a moment each day and ask ourselves: "What do we not know about this situation?"  It is always maddening when someone tailgates me and flashes high beams in my face.  I imagine the man in the Explorer felt the same way.  But think about all the things he might not have known about the situation. Was the Volvo speeding for a legitimate reason?  A medical emergency?  Receiving bad news from a loved one and in a rush to see them? Late for some incredibly important meeting? 


The possibilities of things we don't know usually are endless.  If the driver of the Explorer had paused for a moment before getting rageful and asked himself: "What do I not know?" perhaps he would have decided to not make a reckless decision that was practically attempted murder.  


These moments may be rare, but life exists in moments.  This one moment could have ended it all for these two men.  In a world of Ubiquitous Relativity, we might be able to pause and avoid potentially fatal reactions.

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