Yesterday I was at a hearing of the California Fish and Game Commission.  I was there because the Federal Government wants to remove a bunch of animals from the Endangered Species List. California recently saw its first Wolfpack come through its borders and, as wolf advocates, we wanted to make sure they were not taken off this List, because we believe they are still very much in danger. 


The good news is we won.  The commission voted 4:1 to keep them on California's Endangered Species List and to push back hard on the plans at the Federal level.


It was an interesting experience for many reasons, but what really struck me was the passion that people had in supporting their causes.  


One woman spoke for 5 minutes about saving the BumbleBees.  A man got up and gave a 5 minute speech on why we must protect the Kangaroo Rat.  My first judgments were that these were nice thoughts and ideas but that saving the wolves was what mattered in this hearing.  The entire eco-system is at risk if we lose the Apex Predator!!!


But then I thought about those judgments a little more.  Who am I to say wolves are more important than bumblebees or Kangaroo Rats?  If they are more important, that is only the case in MY Universe.  Maybe Bumblebees are more critical than any other animal in that woman's universe? 


The important takeaway I had, in addition to simply seeing how much people care about what they view as critical, is that each person gets to decide what to be most passionate about.   I don't get to make that decision for others based on my own passions.  


I asked the woman why she was so passionate about protecting Bumblebees?  After she explained their role, it made a hell of a lot of sense to me.


In a world of "Ubiquitous Relativity" we each live in our own universe and can only define the most passionate causes in our own universe, not the universe overall.

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