The other day I was flying into Washington D.C. to see some friends.  There were probably 50-60 children on the flight going to our nation’s capital for the first time.  Many of them told me it was their first time on a plane.  As we approached Dulles, in the last 20 minutes we flew through some air pockets and the plane was turbulent.


The Children started yelling “woooh” like it was a roller coaster. A few put their hands up as if not to hold on to the seat rests was more daring.


I don’t remember how I felt before my first flight on a plane.   I don’t remember the first time I went to Washington D.C.   I don’t remember a lot of my “first experiences.”


Other memories, like the first day at West Point, I couldn’t forget if I wanted to.  


I think one of the many reasons I am trying a new approach to things was that I yearned for the feeling of doing something “for the first time.”  


Throughout the last few years, I had a choice to stay within my comfort zone or depart from it to try something for the first time.  I rarely opted for the latter.  Was it fear? Perhaps.  Was it laziness? Perhaps.  I don’t know the reason I stayed in my loop or lane so often, other than that is what I knew and was comfortable.  


The underlying assumption in the philosophy of “Ubiquitous Relativity” is that life is better when we are connected to each other.  Therefore, the more people I can connect with, the more purpose I feel.  When I try something for the first time, I have a new experience to share with someone else.  Maybe that person has a similar experience and feels a new connection. Unless I am willing to take a leap of faith into the unknown, and depart my comfort zone, I will limit the numbers of new connections that could enrich my life.


Going from comfort to discomfort is really hard.  


But ultimately I think the connections are worth the risks.

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