Humility is not static for me.  There are moments where I am truly humble.  Then there are moments where I am pretentious and showy.  



With that, I share yesterday's flavor of humble pie, or for those who prefer, a different color crow I had to eat.


Now that I am domestic husband extraordinaire, one of my tasks is to go to the dry cleaners.  I went in to pick up our clothes and with the utmost confidence in the establishment walked out without even checking to make sure they were our attire.


When I got home, to my surprise, there was a white shirt that was not ours.  I looked at it and thought, I would never own this shirt.  It had no collar and french cuffs.  I mean come on.  And then I wondered, what happened to my white shirt?  The white shirt that suddenly meant the world to me had vanished.  It took me about 3 nanoseconds to call the cleaners.  I explained that we had a problem, that this shirt was not ours.  I then let them know that the one missing was quite nice and inquired if there was any recourse if it were in fact lost.


They asked me to read the small bar code on the inside of the shirt.  I couldn't.  It was too small.  Had my 20/10 vision left the building?  I told people that since i lost my hearing, my vision was so much better.  The truth of that was irrelevant.  I might need the dreaded "readers,"  the glasses that I knew meant the clock was ticking.  Needless to say that after a few educated guesses, I got it.  They agreed to look for my shirt.


This story ends like many do for me.  My wife took one look at the shirt and not only identified it as hers, but reminded me that I recently purchased it for her.  I quickly realized the shirt I was so worried about was in my closet, still in plastic from the dry cleaner.


I called the cleaners.  I apologized.  I was embarrassed.


There are so many things I could have done differently, starting with taking a breath and not assuming the worst before even pondering the situation.


And so I move forward, hoping and praying for a little more humility today.  


We are 3 hours in and so far, so good.

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