Imagine for a second that you are in your car, on the way to a movie, driving on a one lane street. You are running late and worried you will miss the beginning of the show.


There is a man in a Honda Civic in front of you that is driving 15 MPH below the speed limit.  You are getting angry and frustrated.  You have your hand on the horn and are getting ready to lay on it.


Imagine that there is the bumper sticker below on the back of the Honda Civic:


Now imagine instead that there is the bumper sticker below on the back of the Honda Civic:




Assume that physiologically you can see and read both.  Do you react differently?  Does one bumper sticker make you more or less likely to lay on your horn than the other?  

Finally, you get to a part of the street that has two lanes.  You move over to the left and pass the man in the Honda Civic.  Do you floor it, dangerously, and race by him?  Do you give him a dirty look as you speed by?  Does the likelihood that you speed by him or give that nasty look change if the car has the top bumper sticker or the bottom?

I know that I certainly have a charged response to each of those bumper stickers based on my unique set of emotions and biases.

So I wondered, What if instead of letting my emotional feelings dictate my responses (i.e. I beep the horn, speed dangerously, and / or give the dirty look),

I asked myself "What do I not know about this situation?"

In this situation, where I got angry and potentially put my life at risk driving aggressively, like most, there are an infinite number of things I do not know.
Perhaps the first possibility should be: 

"Maybe it is not his car."


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I connect people to the truth of market places and human behavior and I have a little fun with it.  I am currently traveling the world writing my second book and blogging about my experience. I look forward to getting to know you and encourage you to post your feedback in the comment section of this blog.


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