On Judgment.


Take a look at an object near you. I chose this chair.




Describe for one minute the item you picked.  Bring absolutely zero judgment to the situation.  Simply describe what you see through your own eyes.


For me and the chair above: It is wood and fabric.  It has blue fabric.  The blue fabric has buttons running up the side.  The wood is black colored.  The arms of the chair run parallel to the ground. The chair has four legs.  The legs are the same size.


What do you see?


Importantly, in this exercise, we observe a situation through the lenses of our eyes and pass no judgement on what we see.  We simply describe what we see.  


In my case, I do not assess the value of the chair, how comfortable it may or may not be, or how that chair would look somewhere else (like in my office.)


The differences in each of our assessments should lie exclusively in our physiological differences.  Do we have similar vision?  Is one of us colorblind?  Does one of us have cataracts?


Think of other examples with more emotion attached to them like a Ferrari or an American Flag.


Can you describe those without judgement?  


Now imagine that instead of a chair, or a car, or a flag the image in front of you was another person.  Could we look at another person and simply describe what we see without judgment?   Is it possible to encounter another human, someone we meet for the first time perhaps, and not judge them based on our own biases?  If we could do this, would it change our connection to the world?


Just curious...


More on this topic to come...



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