“Will she be at the party?” I used to wonder about a high school crush while driving with friends to someone's house.  This was back in the 1980s, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. The answer to that question was almost always: “I don’t know.”


There was something about the “I don’t know” part that added to the excitement of life and potential surprises both positive and negative.  But they were surprises, nonetheless.


Now we have texting, social media and GPS so that our location is almost never a surprise.


But, fuck - I miss that element of life.  I miss when it was considered naughty to sneak a look at Playboy magazine.  Now, pornography is as ubiquitous on the web as CNN ( or at least that is what a friend told me)


The news cycle never ends now and nothing is too shocking to beam around the world to the eyes of anyone 1 to 100.  Beheadings? Check. Chemical attacks? Check.  Video games where you kill police, friends, relatives. Check.


So what is life when there is almost nothing too taboo, nothing too shocking? Dare I say dull?


I miss not knowing if the girl I was hoping to see would show up at the party and the associated anxiety / excitement. 


I miss not knowing in general.  


I yearn for the element of surprise.  

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