Why do I assume that everyone will find the same things beautiful or meaningful?  


Before every new stop on this journey, I find myself "googling" the "top things to do" or "top things to see" or "best sites" of that area.




I have begun to realize the insanity of this process.


Why do I feel like I need to go see the sites that appeal to the majority of others?  


Why do I feel this strange FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), in that if I don't go see "the top things" somewhere, then my trip is incomplete?


The "must-sees" in other peoples' universes may be "no interest in seeing" in my universe.  And vice-versa.


Yet, I have this strange instinct to see what other people like or think is beautiful and then make sure I follow their lead.  


There have been so many "top things to do" on this journey that I did and found to be awful experiences.   And then there were the moments where we did something spur of the moment (eating, swimming, climbing) and discovered our own beauty.


I remember vacations where I had a limited amount of time.  So I did everything that I was told I had to do (by friends or TripAdvisor) and made sure I took pictures and posted them on Facebook so people would know I was there too.  It was my way of feeling "a part of."


Now it is time to try and go my own way.  Maybe I will agree with consensus.  Maybe I won't.


But think about the surprises either way.  


I miss a good surprise.





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I connect people to the truth of market places and human behavior and I have a little fun with it.  I am currently traveling the world writing my second book and blogging about my experience. I look forward to getting to know you and encourage you to post your feedback in the comment section of this blog.


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