Throughout our travels so far, one theme has been constant: Human Population and Technological growth vs. Nature's ability to support it.  


Two noticeable trends we have seen are the massive horizontal build of land reclamation projects and massive vertical build of residential 25-40 floor apartment complexes.


We saw land reclamation in Bali by the airport (allegedly to build sprawling casinos and residences), in Singapore (where they continue to run out of room) and now in Malacca, Malaysia where they continue to reclaim land to build more residences.  In the same places, we have seen cranes taking up much of the skyline as buildings are going up everywhere.


Clearly, the world population is growing, especially here in Southeast Asia (Indonesia just became the third largest populated country on the planet.).



Clearly technology is changing job opportunities as factories become automated.  


But can this continue?  As ocean levels rise, will land that has been "reclaimed" survive?  In an area prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, what are the risks to people who take up residence on "reclaimed"land?


I don't know, but my gut says it bears watching because once again, humans and nature seem to be on a collision course.


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