We arrived at Simeuleu yesterday.  Beautiful little Island with a few notable points of interest.


This island practices sharia law.  Therefore, women are not allowed on the beach without coverage below knees and over shoulders.  There is no alcohol on the island. (At least legally)


There is a very healthy water buffalo population on the island.  I have never seen one upfront and personal until today. I went against my inclination to stir it up and I kept my distance from the giant mammals.


The island is way less advanced technologically than Bali.  The Wi-Fi here is not good and we are going to an even smaller island on Wednesday. There is a 1970s style satellite dish in every yard of every home.  (The kind that is 4 feet high with a dish about 4 feet in diameter.) 


We are teaching some local women and children the basics of computers tomorrow morning.  Should be interesting.


The only other "tourists" on the island are surfers because there are some legendary waves.


Almost nobody ever works for income here.  If they need fish, they fish. 


Will do my best to keep posting but will be dicey next 10 days until we go back to mainland Sumatra.

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