On Sunday we took a day to check out some areas of Nusa Penida we had not seen.  We heard about this spot on the northern part of the Island about an hour drive from where we are working.  So we found a taxi and headed out to Atuh Beach, which I can say is the first beach I have seen in Bali that rivals a Caribbean beach.


It was nothing short of stunning.  It required a precipitous drop down the side of a cliff to get there, but it was worth it.  If anyone ever comes to Nusa Penida I would put this in the "must see" category.



We have begun Week 2 in Nusa Penida and I feel like an old hand already as 50 new Volunteers showed up today to work in the turtle conservatory.  I really enjoy working with the sea turtles, especially because we get to see them off on their journey.  Even more pressing is the necessary cleanup of this island.


I won't succumb to my instinct  to "take charge" and "fix things" as the last thing the Balinese is some white guy from America telling them how to do things.  But I do worry about these people and the repercussions of treating your island and its ocean like a landfill.




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