Last night was the beach barbecue to say goodbye to everyone leaving the program.  Kelly and I still have one week remaining in this effort.  Each of the kids, in their different accents, talked about their experiences here.  Impressive in itself was that these kids from China, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, France and other countries all spoke english pretty well.  Dare I say, I understood them better than the people from Liverpool, England.


In a world of never ending negativity on twitter and main stream news in the U.S., it is nice to hear and see some optimism again.  The highlight was a girl from China giving her views on the trip and the hope it gave her.  We said goodbye to some new friends and I am pretty sure we have a place to stay in England, Ireland and Pakistan when we pass through.


We were then serenaded by our Balinese coordinators who, much to the dismay of Kelly and me, decided to make “Hotel California” part of their set list. "And I hate the F-ing Eagles." - Jeff Lebowski. We left before the “beer pong” and other Age appropriate activities began.  


Today they released a turtle, which we worked with this week, into the sea.  It was a nice culmination to the week and another sign of hope. 


Who knows what will happen to that girl when she ventures out there into the vast ocean, but she is going regardless.  She was in her tank for a year, with the same routine each and every day. She ate the same food and had the same views.   And now she is taking a leap of faith into the unknown. 


I like that story regardless of the outcome. 



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