No, the earthquake did not cause this fun sidewalk sale.








Last night got interesting with the earthquake and all, but it was a big “whatever” to the locals here.  They actually seemed surprised that some of the young kids at the volunteer facility were frightened. 


Took some classes this morning on “basic” Balinese customs.


They have an interesting way of naming their children.


The first born is known as “Wayan”

The second born is known as ”Kadec”

The third born is known as "Komang"

The fourth born is known as "Ketut"


If they get to 5 then the process repeats for the next four children - met a family the other day of 12. So they had 3 wayans, 3 Ketacs, and so on.  Yes, everyone does have nicknames to make it a bit easier.


I soon became less surprised to meet so many “Wayans” (of which I am one myself by their system)


The Balinese have more ceremonies than anyone I have ever met.  They celebrate birthdays every 6 months.  So Age seems to be less important as time goes on.  They also have “Silent day” on their New Year’s Day.  They use a different calendar so it falls in march.  


On “Silent Day” everything closes: even the airports.  People are literally not allowed to leave their village or they get arrested.  There is no power used at all and they view it as an opportunity for a family to spend the day together because life is so busy every other day.  Would leave me speechless to try that. 

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