We changed quarters today and are now in a room that is part of “Green Lion Bali” (the volunteer coordinator on the ground).  The picture above is our view across the street.


It is more rustic then I am used to but less Spartan than a room in the barracks at West Point.  I know, easy comparisons. 


The lamentations of the roosters surround us.  That will take some “getting used to.”  I know we are on the outskirts of Ubud and this is orientation week.  That is about it.


Everyone takes their shoes off when they go inside a restaurant here.  That is totally new to me as I am used to the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” mantra of the United States.  This is the exact opposite.  I suppose it makes sense when I think about the shit we drag in places on the bottom of our shoes, but this will take some getting used to.  Time to invest in sandals.

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