Day 2 in Bali and I must say there is no shortage of surprises here for me.


I have never seen a rice field / terrace before today.  They are a thing of beauty, given the simplicity of each paddy and the complexity of the whole system of water throughout Bali which ensures the rice gets the ample water it needs.


Regardless of what the West Point Hockey Program said, I am only 5 feet, five inches in height on a good day, yet I feel pretty tall here.  That is 1 country in a row where that is the case.


 TAKE A LOOK AT THAT LITTLE CRITTER ABOVE.  That is the Indonesian Civet.  


So I was told today to try...

 How is the critter above connected to Luwak Coffee?


Well that Civet eats a whole bunch of berries.  The Civet then produces fecal waste.  During the digestion of these berries, somehow the Civet converts these buries to dry beans.  The beans are separated from the crap and dried out for days.  Then the beans are heated and ground and voila...Luwak Coffee!


Who came up with this?  Someone was the first person to view this as a logical way to produce coffee.


In any event, I drank a cup.  It was strong and pretty good.  That being said, I don't see myself drinking anymore in this lifetime.


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