“Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”


DAY 1!  I am a lot out of sorts here in Ubud.  Where do I begin? We took a walk on the road today and it was moderately terrifying, given the lack of sidewalks or shoulders.  Kelly was ok, but I was dragging ass after the flight and the heat.  I still don't understand this International Date line.


Learning a lot already which is a good sign and feeling pretty damn uncomfortable - another good sign.


First, everyone is so damn courteous and pleasant.  I think it is best reflected in the chaos they call road driving over here.  I have never seen so many scooters.  Everyone honks at each other all the time, but oddly it is more of a sound of affection or a gentle warning, the antithesis to how I view the horn when I drive in L.A.: (GTFOTW) or "Wake Up!"  


So many people ride scooters here that they sell gas in old Absolut vodka bottles at every stand on the side of the road.



Second, I realized how spoiled our Labrador Ulysses is today.  There are so many dogs running around the streets it was hard to keep track of them, but none of them looked "Fat and Happy."


Speaking of animals, lots of roosters here as well.  Drove by a cockfight going on.  I was told by the locals they consider it the most humane death.  I did not ask if "Little Jerry Seinfeld" was fighting that night.


Most importantly I also noticed beautiful flowers on the ground outside every store shaped like an offering.  I need to learn the significance.  


 Tomorrow off to Water Temple in Ubud...



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