1) Will I have the patience required to "volunteer?" My ego was satiated at work because a whole bunch of people listened to what I said and laughed at all my jokes.  In this new role, I will not be "in charge" of anything.  In fact, I will be taking orders again in areas which are completely foreign to me.  This will require me to simply be "of service."  I won't say that comes naturally.


2) Will the personal satisfaction of helping others be enough?  Most of my life, when I have done a kind deed for someone, I expected a ticker tape parade.  When I performed well in sports people cheered, when I performed well in business, people could see "my success" in "my stuff."  In the middle of nowhere, if I am picking up trash on the beach to help the environment, I may have no acknowledgement from others, but my own knowledge of the things I have done.  I like to think that will be good enough.  But I don't know.


3) Becoming Conscious.  In the 24 hour news cycle, non-stop, information overloaded environment I live in, there is very little quiet.  When I was in my loop of work and home, I was not challenged to think about the "bigger picture" of what is my purpose.  I will be going to islands and doing work some places without Wi-Fi.  There will be a lot of time to think and reflect on my purpose.  It scares me to think about answering some of those questions without distraction.


As scary as all this is, mostly due to my own self-doubt and fear of the unknown, I still think it would more scary to be sitting at my old desk right now.  Taking this leap of faith is just that.  I believe there is more for me to do in my time here than what I was "doing for a living."



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