The other day I was watching television and I saw an advertisement for "Elite Singles."  I am not up to speed concerning the on-line dating world of today, but I was struck by the concept.  I went to their website to see how they defined "Elite."


"EliteSingles is only for those who want a serious relationship.


Over 90% of our members are 30+ and over 80% have a university degree."


I have seen this trend in our society, where we equate certain things with "success."  Sometimes it is one's W-2, the MSRP on one's car, the closing price of one's house or the color of one's credit card.  I have been part of this "society" for most of my life and used the same metrics to judge who was elite.


In the case of this online dating site, to be "Elite" is largely dependent on a university degree.


Let's review who would or would not qualify for this website, if we use University Degree as cut-off line:


University Degree: 


Ted Kaczynski: Harvard

Jeff Skilling: Harvard Business School

Lyle Menendez: Princeton

Amy Bishop: Harvard

Michael Ross: Cornell


No University Degree:


Michael Dell

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Mark Zuckerberg

Maya Angelou



These are hyperbolic examples, I admit, but I want to show the lengths we as a society have gone to define "success." I believe real "success" is defined by each individual person as opposed to society as a whole.  "EliteSingles" tell us what is successful and if we don't meet that criteria we feel "less than." I mention them because it is the last thing I saw, but I see examples of this everywhere.


I have a University Degree, from a place that is nearly universally respected, as an "Elite" institution, but I was the farthest thing from success (and still work each day towards what I define as "success") and for many years would not have wished myself on anyone.


So I am going to focus on what success means to me and work towards that as opposed to feeling like I need to check boxes to be deemed "Elite."




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