I learned this wonderful little pseudo-acronym while at West Point known as the "7Ps."


Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!


Anyone who has worked with me or, bless their soul, for me has probably often heard me invoke the "7Ps" as a way to stress the need to prepare for each day in the office.


I absolutely love the acronym but, like many things, I applied it to the more quantitative (read: easier) areas of my life.  I laid out my suit the night before work. I did work on Sunday to prepare for the week.  I double and triple checked all my travel plans to make sure I had contingencies in place for every possible scenario.  I checked my hockey bag to make sure I had all my equipment before I went to the rink. Etc., Etc., Etc.


But when it came to the tougher things, I could not have acted less in accordance with the "7Ps."  I never considered therapy until the plane was about to crash into the mountain and all of my relationships had failed.  I did not get help for substance abuse until my soul was completely hollow and I had hit bottom.  I did not gain fiscal discipline until I had blown everything.


I have started to realize that the only way for the "7Ps" to take on true meaning for me is to view them holistically.  They are great for the basic rigors and disciplines of daily life.  But in many ways they are even greater for the areas in which I never bothered to use them:


Spirituality and Emotional Happiness.



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