I AM NO HERO. But I convinced myself I was one in the office.

I cannot remember how many times I contemplated taking a day, or a week, off from work, but ultimately chose not to.


Why not?  Because I had convinced myself (and anyone else who would listen) that I just couldn't miss a day, because everything would just fall apart if I did.


I was pretty good at getting myself to believe the world might literally stop spinning (spoiler alert: It Didn't) if I were not in the office.  Revenues would fall off, Risk would increase, and the inmates would run the asylum.


The not so amazing thing is that when I look back, I could not have been more wrong.  I regret not taking more time.  Revenues did not fall off, risk did not increase and the people around me certainly had more pleasant days when I was out of the office.


When I look back at all the times I convinced myself I just "had to be in the office," I was really just feeding that ego of mine and plenty of resentments.  It was easy to come in, act like a martyr for doing so, and have a nice chip on my shoulder all day because everyone owed me for my sacrifice!


I look back on the times I took that extra day or week with my loved ones and I can remember every detail.  I can't remember anything about the days I opted to "be a hero" and chose to go into work instead.





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