I hope to accomplish two things in my writing.

First, I want to be rigorously honest about the person I was before I decided to leave Wall Street and discuss what has changed to make my departure a possibility.  By doing so, I hope to connect with others who may be feeling some of the same emotions as I have along the way and still do this very day.  Walking away is terrifying but possible, and I hope more people at least entertain that option.

    Second, I want to chronicle my efforts at global citizenship and volunteering through the lens of someone who knows next to nothing about what is happening in "the real world."  The philosophy I espouse in my upcoming book stresses getting out of ones comfort zone and expanding ones universe in order to connect with more people.  I hope to write in detail about that adventure.

Throughout this journey I want to stay true to my three core tenets of connection, truth and fun.  Let's take each day one day at a time and and aim for the success only each of us can define for ourselves.

Hate Crimes seem to be on the increase.  It is hard to really define these kinds of attacks because the media picks which ones to report, those in the legal system choose how to define the crimes and every statistician has their biases to support their claims.  Many crimes involve some kind of hate.  I view hate crimes much like the way I view polarization.  There are not “more hate crimes now than ever” and we are not “more polarized than we have ever been.”  A simple look back at the history of this country provides plenty of evidence to support my belief.  I do...

Halloween is the day of the year you can dress in a crazy outfit. 

Christmas is the day of the year you can spend like a crazy drunken sailor. 

Thanksgiving is the day of the year when you can share completely crazy ideas with family and friends around a table.  Or at least that’s how it used to be.  

I look back at Thanksgivings of years past, with some level of ignominy, and see myself as a combination of LTC Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman and Lord Henry Wotton from The Picture of Dorian Gray.

I spewed crazy views that were a mixture of arrogance...

Sometimes weird shit just happens for which I have no explanation.  Today I was on my way to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, walking across Wilshire Boulevard when my “Walk” signal was showing.  A car that was coming the other direction made a last second right turn and barely missed me in the crosswalk.

The guy looked dazed and in a panic.  I just raised my hands and mouthed “Really?”  He drove off in his fancy BMW like most assholes do who drive those cars. 

Wait, I used to drive one of those cars. 

I thought about this guy for...

October 30th of every year used to be the greatest night of the year. I grew up in New Jersey; described by some as the armpit of America. The geography and anatomy of the United States confirm that assessment and if they don’t “The Sopranos” sure as hell did.  

Living up to that title is no easy task. Our politicians are corrupt to the bone. In fact, we elect them for that reason. We bury bodies in the Meadowlands and then build stadiums on top of those bodies to house some of the most snake bitten professional teams on the planet. In fact, our one and only N...

The VA Hospital in Los Angeles is a twenty minute walk from my current home. I went there yesterday to hear the prognosis on my collarbone (which is surgery next Friday.) To get there, I walked east on Wilshire Avenue for the short journey to see the doctor. On my way, I passed multiple homeless people laying on the ground with wheelchairs next to them. This is an all too familiar sight in this city.

I turned up the road to the VA Hospital. Just outside the entrance there were multiple amputees sitting in wheelchairs, some with caregivers and some without. Almost ev...

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