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I hope to accomplish two things in my writing.

First, I want to be rigorously honest about the person I was before I decided to leave Wall Street and discuss what has changed to make my departure a possibility.  By doing so, I hope to connect with others who may be feeling some of the same emotions as I have along the way and still do this very day.  Walking away is terrifying but possible, and I hope more people at least entertain that option.

    Second, I want to chronicle my efforts at global citizenship and volunteering through the lens of someone who knows next to nothing about what is happening in "the real world."  The philosophy I espouse in my upcoming book stresses getting out of ones comfort zone and expanding ones universe in order to connect with more people.  I hope to write in detail about that adventure.

Throughout this journey I want to stay true to my three core tenets of connection, truth and fun.  Let's take each day one day at a time and and aim for the success only each of us can define for ourselves.

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